My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place

By Eve Chalom

Eve Chalom is a two time world competitor in ice dancing. She is currently a dance/movement therapist, a performer in both ice skating and modern dance, a yogi, and a figure skating coach. She is continually exploring the connections between dance/movement therapy, figure skating, and life in general.

(( This essay was an assignment from my current writing class. ))

My favorite place is a park. I haven’t quite been there yet, but it was in a book I read as a child, about a girl whose sister was going to die at a young age. It was a field with many yellow wildflowers, and the two sisters used to sit in the field for hours. After the one sister died of an illness, the other sister sat in the field alone. I used to picture this field, and have spent my life looking for fields to sit in that would remind me of the one in my imagination. There is a park in Highland Park that reminds me the most of this park, yellow flowers, trails through the woods, a little pond in the middle, and benches spread out occasionally. The sky is so huge when you lie on the bench, and I rested and rested there. There’s something about a field of wildflowers that continues to intoxicate me, perhaps from other memories as well. Today I went to a garden that had a field of wildflowers to walk though with a trail, and other parks continue to pop into my mind where there are trails through the flowers. Perhaps that is all I need, a trail through wildflowers. I went to a house a few days ago that had wildflowers in the backyard, and I was lonely, and those flowers were beautiful. I love the idea that there are flowers that don’t have to be planted by human hands, and I love that I think dandelions are flowers and not weeds. I feel natural, pretty, and soft when I am by the wildflowers.

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